Services I Offer


Copyediting is my most common service.  If you tell me you’d like to copyedit something for you, I’ll be looking for the following:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • word usage
  • syntax
  • story inconsistencies

If I find any of the above, I’ll use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word to change them for you.  This way, you can see what I’ve changed and accept or reject them as you please.

Proofreading (also known as Beta Reading)

If you’ve already been through a round of editing and just want another pair of eyes to catch any remaining errors that you may have missed, proofreading is the service for you.  I’ll give you my opinions on story flow, character development, and any other areas that you may be concerned about.  Basically, I’ll look at your book as a reader more than an editor.

Content Editing (also known as Line Editing or Stylistic Editing)

This is the most complete form of editing.  Content Editing will include the following elements:

  • character motives/building
  • world building suggestions (if applicable)
  • story flow suggestions
  • copyediting services

All of the above will be expressed using the commenting feature in Microsoft Word.


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